Market Commentary

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Analyzing past Fed tightening cycles

Dissecting Performance

September 2017

2017 Index performance beating ten-year average return

What Trump Effect?

August 2017

Market overreaction reverses

Summer Slumber

July 2017

Municipal Asset class performance consistency

Muni Cash Hoard

May 2017

Favorable market technicals: less issuance and robust demand

More Myth Debunking

April 2017

Fed lifting short-term interest rates; don’t expect long-term rates to respond

The Cost of Waiting

March 2017

Debunking the "market timing" myth

Trump impact on municipal credit

If what is past is prologue, prices will rebound

Aftermath of surprise election outcome

Rising new debt issuance pushes yields higher

Municipal bond yields reverse course

Presidential candidates’ infrastructure spending plans

Clipping Coupons

July 2016

Adjusting to a sustained lower interest rate environment

Implications of a "flatter" yield curve

Investors should stay the course

Achieving confidence through comprehensive credit analysis

Fed reduces growth forecasts, placing future interest rate hikes in doubt

Volatile financial markets resulting in risk-adverse posturing

Why Bonds Now

January 2016

Do not listen to the fixed income naysayers